Bribery case


Debrecen Court probational suspended prison sentence of a woman who tried to persuade two policeman not to take her to a blood test.

Györgyné Szele was involved in an accident with her car on the 16th of July 2010 in Hadházi and Nyíl street junction. The probe has revealed that she consumed alcohol, so officers wanted to take her to a doctor to have a blood test.
She asked the two policemen to forgettaking her to the doctorfor theblood and the urine test and gave back her driving licence. She offered 50 000 forints to do so.

Officers refused this and took her to the police station.
The High Court of Debrecen found the woman guilty in two counts of bribery, therefore judged her 1 year and two months – suspended on probation for 2 years- imprisonment.