Thousands Graduating This Summer

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Graduation season proceeds with full vigor; almost 3400 students are to receive their degrees this summer at the University of Debrecen.

Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy were the first in line: 42 Hungarian and 6 international students were awarded their degrees on June 18 in the Aula.
‘From now on, you will be pledged to uphold the honour of your alma mater and your profession. In difficult moments remember the oath you have just taken’ said András Jávor, vice rector for education.
Celebrations went on with students of the Faculty of Medicine, where 35 students graduated as medical laboratory and imaging diagnostics analyst.
Students of the Faculty of Child and Adult Education were also awarded their degrees; they received qualifications in andragogy, social pedagogy, infant care, and nursery school pedagogy.
Faculty of Music students had their awarding ceremony the next day. The 81 graduating students said goodbye to the university with a concert in the Liszt Hall.
The schedule of degree awarding ceremonies was as follows:
June 25, 2 pm: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
June 25, 4 pm: Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development
June 25, 5 pm: Faculty of Public Health
June 26, 10 am: Faculty of Health
June 26, 1 pm: Faculty of Dentistry
June 26, 3 pm: Faculty of Medicine
June 27, 9 am: Faculty of Informatics
June 27, 10 am: Faculty of Food and Agricultural Science and Environmental Management
June 27, 1 pm: Faculty of Science and Technology
June 27, 4 pm: Faculty of Science and Technology

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