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Nagyvarad and Debrecen are planning to use EU funds to build ring and bypass roads. The participants held a conference on 23th of February 2010, in Kolcsey Centre, Debrecen.

The Metropolitan Zone of Oradea and the city of Debrecen have sent an application
to the Regional Development Found of the European Union. The two cities applied for money
in part of the " Hungary-Romania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013".
The title of their tender was: The preparation of strategic investments of the two urban poles,
carried out on the transport infrastructure level between Oradea and Debrecen. /INFRASTRAT/

Following Tuesday"s opening conference Zoltan Pajna deputy mayor of Debrecen and Adrian
Foghis, the executive of the Metropolis Zone of Oradea held a press conference.
The overall aim of the plan to bring closer together the people, communities and economy of the
two border regions and ultimately strenghten the common development of the regions.
They are planning for a20 years long term cooperation, theinvestment can lead to further
improvements. Among other things they are planning to build a motorway between the two
cities and they want to re-launch the railroad connection also.
Oradea was not able to apply alone for the EU funds so they asked Debrecen to participate.

There is a big traffic in Artand border crossing with more than 7million vehicles passing through
each year. This number is expected to grow furtherwhen the Romania joins the Schengen-zone.
That means that will be no longer control between the two countries. Oradea is already planning to build a
ring road to divert the increasing traffic.
The northernsectionof the ring road around Oradea is missing, in Debrecen the eastern section
of the ringroad will be crucial to build.
The building of the ring and bypass roads will be available between the 2014-2020 period.
The EU will finance the 95-98% of the investment.

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