Liu Shaoang Won Three Gold Medals in Montreal


Liu Shaoang won the Montreal World Championships in short-distance speed skaters on Sunday at 1,000 meters, 500 meters and 1500 meters, so he won gold in all three individual races, while also securing his title in complex race.

This was the first time in the history of the sport that a Hungarian competitor was so successful at the World Cup. For the last twenty years – just in Montreal – South Korea’s Kim Tong Sung has managed in the men’s field to triumph in all three numbers and complexes, as Liu Shaoang is now.

Two-time Olympic champion Liu, who won all 13 races in the Canadian city, collected the fifth and sixth World Cup golds of his career after. From the Hungarian point of view, the quarterfinals were extremely lucky, as Bence Nógrádi advanced from his rivals, but three of them fell in front of him, so he finally finished in the second position. In the final race, Péter Jászapáti co-starred with Liu Shaoang, leading the way in the last five laps, keeping his 100 percent balance in the current World Cup. However, the young sportsman who skated in the last place could also be happy, because two people fell after Sjinkie Knegt’s foul and the Dutchman was eliminated, meaning he was also second. The one-man show of the 24-year-old Ferencváros competitor continued in the semi-finals. At the start of the distance, he was ranked at the very end of the six-man field and then played easily ahead of his rivals, keeping his immaculate balance in the Canadian city. The skater Bence Nógrádi, who was skating with him, finished fifth, i.e. he qualified for the small finals, just as Péter Jászapáti was also fifth in the other semi-finals.

The finale was not a challenge to Liu Shaoang, either, who took the lead five laps before the end. Behind him, two South Koreans “traveled,” but it looked like they were aware of the difference, so they didn’t even try to prevent it. In the small final, Nógrádi and Jászapáti finished in ninth and tenth place. In the women’s case, the two Hungarians, Petra Jászapáti and Zsófia Kónya, were in the same quarterfinals. The former tried to get ahead, skating in the lead for a short time, while the latter was in fifth and fifth place from the beginning to the end of the race. Jászapáti was overtaken by the German Anna Seidel in a collision, and the sportswoman from Szeged slipped back to the fourth position. From there, she came in third with the overtaking of the Dutch Yara van Kerkhof, but the jury found the maneuver irregular, so they ruled out Jászapáti. Kónya was 16th and Jászapáti was 19th. In the women’s finale, Choi Min Jong triumphed using her usual tactics: she was ahead of Kim Boutin, who competed in front of her local audience. The 23-year-old South Korean sportswoman won her 14th World Cup gold, winning for the third time in a row, while her Canadian rival was second in all three World Championships.


Men’s 1000m World Champion:

LIU SHAOANG 1: 25.462 min

2. Li June Seo (Republic of Korea) 1: 25.529

3. Kvak Jun Gi (Republic of Korea) 1: 25.662

… 9. Bence Nógrádi

… 10. Péter Jászapáti

Ladies & # 39; 1000 m World Champions:

Choi Min Jong (Republic of Korea) 1: 27,956 minutes

2. Kim Boutin (Canada) 1: 28,076

3. Xandra Velzeboer (Netherlands) 1: 29.144 …

16. Zsófia Kónya


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