Fitness Model Stabbed in Nyírtelek


TV2’s Tények has shown that a well-known Hungarian fitness model was stabbed in Nyírtelek, and the woman is in a life-threatening condition.


According to the TV channel’s information, the fitness model, Ildikó K., and her husband lived in a family house in Nyírtelek, and according to the locals, their divorce action has already been initiated.

At dawn on Friday, Ildikó went to her ex-partner to collect their common child. The parents started arguing. In the meantime, the man stabbed the woman several times, and it was only thanks to her presence of mind that she was able to escape.

The man locked himself in the house with their 20-month-old daughter, from which the sound of the crying child could be heard for a long time, but then it suddenly became quiet, so the police broke into the house. The little girl was found unharmed, but the father committed suicide, but only managed to attempt it, losing a lot of blood. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries, his fitness model wife is in a life-threatening condition.



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