Institutions to Reopen in Debrecen

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The social and cultural institutions, museums, tourist units, and sports facilities in the city have developed a protocol that helps them follow a gradual reopening that respects health-safety aspects as much as possible.

Cultural institutions in Debrecen are to provide only basic services initially. Cultural events, activities for children, and museum education courses are planned to take place later. In the case of each institution, the number of visitors and spectators will be limited – determined by each institution individually – in order that a safe distance can be kept.

• On 1 May Agora, the Great Forest Zoo, MODEM and Déri Museum are opening

• On 3 May DEMKI and Méliusz Juhász Péter Library

• The first performance of Csokonai Theatre is Hamlet to be played on 10 May in the Great Forest Stadium; indoor performances are scheduled for mid-May, locals of Debrecen may watch cultural actions, mini performances and concerts in public places from Pentecost weekend on.

• Kodály Philharmonia Debrecen is to give its first live concert in Kölcsey Centre on 11 May.

• On 13 May, Apolló Cinema and Berényi Hall in Kölcsey Centre are reopening

• Vojtina Puppet Theatre is opening on 30 May, children’s day

• The Great Forest Open-Air Theatre is opening with a concert on 5 June

• The Great Forest Open-Air Plays are to commence on 8 June

Service users of all units of Aquaticum and of Hotel Lycium, including the guest arriving for medical purposes, can only use the water services if they are in possession of an immunity certificate. Guests under the age of 18 who have no immunity certificates can only visit the institutions if they arrive under the supervision of an adult with an immunity certificate.

• The thermal bath and the Mediterranean adventure spa are ready to be opened

• Hotel Aquaticum is currently open to business and educational travellers. It is opening for leisure-time guests as well from 1 May

• Hotel Lycium is reopening on 3 May (Monday)

• The water park is to open on 15 May, depending on the weather conditions

Debreceni Hőszolgáltató Zrt. and Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. continue to maintain their protocol currently in force. The number of clients in the client area can be as many as the number of open client desks. In both the client area and any other rooms where clients can enter, the use of face-masks and hand sanitisers is obligatory for both the clients and the employees, regardless of their immunity status.

There will be no change at DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt. either. Thus, vehicles will be disinfected daily, and face-masks will be compulsory, with the exception of drivers in closed cabs.

DVSC women’s handball team and DVSC soccer team will play again in front of audiences. Immunity certificates will be checked at the entries of both venues. Fans with immunity certificates and those under eighteen are not obliged to wear masks.

The Sports Pool reopens for the general public from 1 May, using different time allocations.

Hotel Sport is planning to reopen for guests not only on business trips, who can arrive with their immunity certificates, of course. As regards sports events, continuous negotiations are expected to take place with the different sports federations.

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