Renovation in Kenézy Hospital

Local News

They will spend more than half a billion HUF on improving the ER department of Kenézy.

In the present circumstances the size and the capacity of the Emergency Medical department is not adequate to serve the region`s population of 350 000. This autumn, however, the department will be able to provide better service and treat twice as many patients. The institution has won half a billion HUF fromthe EU to expand the building and replace the medical equipment.

The ER department has on average 185 patients a day so on a monthly basis it means nearly 6000 patients. The emergency department acts as a filter where staff can decide which department will continue the treatment. That they have only 9 beds is somewhat contradictory to this central role. But the current number of patients might double from the autumn as they are going to renovate the building, change the medical equipment and build a 400 m2 new wing too.

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