Economical budget in Hajdu-Bihar

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The local government of Hajdu-Bihar County will try to manage with an economical budget but without closing down any institution, declared the president of the general meeting at a press conference in early February.

To ensure that the expenses that are planned to be around 7.6 million HUF would have a cover, 1.2 million HUF of loan is necessary.
Sandor Bodo said that managing with the economical budget will include the reduction of the expenses of the institution by 5 % and the general meeting by 34 % and the expenses of the local government office by 13.4 %.
Sandor Bodo said that there is a solution for the problem that there is no money for running the Archeopark which costs 70 million HUF each year. The archeological park that is near Polgar is soon to be let and the new lessee will operate it according to the old, high standards.

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