Soldiers said goodbye

Local News

Military and local leaders said goodbye to the departing soldiers of the Honvedseg in Debrecen`s main square on Thursday, January 3.

Defense Minister Csaba Hende donated the flag of the legendary 39th Imperial and Royal Infantry Regiment to the 1st Infantry battalion of the 5th Istvan Bocskai Rifle Brigade. The soldiers will defend our country and serve together with NATO forces in Kosovo and Afghanistan.
Debrecen`s mayor Lajos Kosa announced at the ceremony thatDebrecen will start the country`s first operating military secondary school with the help of the armed forces. Minister Csaba Hende and the chief of staffGeneral Tibor Benko visited the Denes Gabor Electrical Engineering High School`s "Military school" program students theoretical and practical demonstration and after inaugurated the memory plaque of the 39th imperial and royal Infantry Regiment at Kossuth Barracks.

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