Cultural awards

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Cultural prizes were handed over on the Day of Hungarian Culture in Debrecen on 22 of January.

Basket maker Imre Baji, Szilard Borbely poet, writer, literary historian, The Debrecen Photo Club and the
Endorfin Association received awards at the Belvarosi Cultural Center in Debrecen.

Monika Kathona folk singer, teacher; Gabriella Mallar graphic artist, teacher, dr. Tamas Szalkai archivist, Eva Mohos-Nagy opera singer, college teacher and Artur Vranyecz actor also been awarded.

The Culture of Debrecen Awardwent toMrs Kren/Zsuzsanna Cserep/and dr. Bela Markus. Mrs Kren/Zsuzsanna Cserep/ is organizing the exhibtions of the Medicine Center in the Theoretical Building and the Life Science Building.

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