Poor people gives more

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Several charity organizations and institutions collected donations in recent weeks for charity and many places they already started distributing them.

Food and child games would be most needed, however people offers mainly clothing.

Due to the frost and cold weather the Maltese Charity crisis centre needs shoes and boots urgently. In addition they welcome canned meat,rice flour etc. In recent years, more and more people are asking for help.
3-5 years ago it was 10 to 12 families a day asking for help but nowdays 25-30 come inside the office daily.
Flour, sugar, pasta, sweets are the most needed by the Red Cross volunteers.
They collecting money, detergents and toys in the mall of Péterfia street.

The Reformed Baptist Church`s warehouse collected loads of aid.
They expecting more gifts wrapped into shoe boxes which will be handed to Hungarian kids abroad.
According to the experiences of volunteers the poorer classes more likely to donate.

The local government next Monday waiting for the needy /December 20/
From 14:00 the members of the retired community will receive presents in Downtown Community Centre. At 16:30 fish soup and cakes will be distributed to the needy in the New Town Hall restaurant. In addition, the
city gives 5000 HUF food vouchers to help large families.

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