Searching for the source of stench

Local News

In the last couple of days was an unbearable stench in parts of Debrecen. This is not the first time when locals have to face the problem. For many years, and usually at the end of the summer and early autumn period
a strong odour disturbs our life.

The Environmental Protection Agency has also detected the problem, but they are not
able to clearly determine the source of the smell.There are anumber of pig-farms
southwest of Debrecen, anda sewage and waste disposal as well.

The staff of the Agency has not yet been able to narrow the scope of the odor source.
However,still notruled out, that may arise from the areas located southwest of Debrecen.
In these outlying areasthere are many pig-farms, where often hundreds
of cubic meters of animal manurecollected and storedin swimming pool size storage areas.
The wind can easily put towards the city the accumulated gases.

With permission, anyone can collect manure on the premises, either in closed
containers or tanks that will be in the autumn or spring sowed.

– They are open so of course manure storage surfacecan be responsible for the smell,
but it is not clear and I can not judge whether this is the only source of the stench caused by
or in any other area of waste treatment plants also contribute to the creation of smell
– said Antal Balint, veterinary, to the local tv.

The two administration agrees in that the stench came from the south-western areas,
which in the past three days, stalling over Debrecen.
– The upward flow is blocked in a anticyclonic influence, above 15-20 meters height
the odor is not longer able to spread.

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