A Comic Book Festival is Organized in the Somogyi Library in Szeged


Exhibitions, lectures, round table discussions, drawing for fun, children’s programs, publishers presenting their classic and latest offerings await those who visit the Somogyi library in Szeged on Saturday, where they are organizing a comics festival for the fourteenth time – the public collection informed MTI.

In addition to the classics of the genre, visitors to the festival can also get to know contemporary trends and artists. Those interested can observe the comic book artists at work and even participate in the work.

At the festival, visitors can meet Attila Fazekas, the Hungarian graphic artist with the greatest comic oeuvre, who is celebrating his half-century creative anniversary this year, and the world-famous Serbian comic creator Aleksandar Zograf. There will be a lecture on the pictorial processing of literary works, the mythology-creating properties of comics, those interested can hear behind-the-scenes stories about the birth of the comic book Toldi – The Shadow of the Millstone, and a round table discussion will be held on female comic book heroes.

In connection with the festival, several exhibitions will be opened: a selection from the collection of the comic writer Ádám Zoltán Szabó, an exhibition of the works of Attila Fazekas, and some drawings from the comic album Toldi – The Shadow of the Millstone will be presented, as well as the works of Endré Sarlós, who died this summer. Organized by the Szeged Alliance Française and Móra Könyvkiadó, guests are also invited to an adventure game, where they can become the shining healing druids of Lutétia, and on the ground floor, a statue replica of Quasimodo and his Hungarian Vizsla awaits those who want to take a selfie.


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